Cesa Zuniga or as the 80 kids he teaches dance to a week know him as Mr. C has always been surrounded by art. His passion for photography started as a hobby and along side with being a professional performing artist, it has grown to be a part of his everyday life. Cesa has traveled internationally doing photography. He believes that every picture taken is a moment that can't be relived. You have just one chance to capture it and save it for ever...why miss it!

Being driven by excellence and strengthen by diversity, Cesa can shoot all ranges of photography. His forte being portraiture, which comes from his super approachable and charismatic personality. Whether you are a new born, toddler, teenager or work at a corporate firm, catching you in your truest moment comes naturally to Cesa as he goes into performance mode. With his family values always leading him through life, Cesa will be one of the most genuine people that you will ever encounter. Don't believe it...He'll take a picture to prove it.